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Terms & Conditions for Referrals

  • The amount of each referral bonus is £1
  • The rate of the referral bonus can be modified at any time by Bedbooker without notice
  • The referral bonus is claimable when the referee makes and stays on their first booking via Bedbooker.com, cancelled stays will result in a non-payment of the referral bonus
  • Only 1 referral bonus per friends email address can be claimed
  • Referral bonuses are paid on genuine sign-ups ONLY, if any fraud is suspected then Bedbooker.com will immediately close your account without notice resulting in forfeiture of any cashback and referral's in your account
  • Referral bonus can be withdrawn 60 days after your friends departure date on their first booking
  • IMPORTANT: You must know the person that you are referring and MUST not refer ANYONE that you do not know, and that does not know you
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